• Clinically Potent

    Ossome is a clinically potent range of hair and scalp solutions designed to address mild to severe problems.

    We produce our products using proven clean technology to effectively cleanse, nourish and reactivate hair health.

  • Conceived for City Dwellers

    As cities get increasingly
    crowded and pace of life accelerates, our environment becomes more polluted. Urban living exposes us to a multitude of toxins present in air emissions and at times even in our water.

    To combat this, we designed our products using biologics to form a protective shield on the scalp giving it 24 HR UV protection against environmental pollutants.

  • Advanced Biologics

    We use ingredients that are premium, natural, cell free and drug free.

    Using clinically proven biomimetic actives, peptides, amino acids and bio-signalling molecules, our scientists have developed our own formulation called Exossome Proteomic Tecnology, signaturely present in all our products.

  • Time Release Formula

    Our formulations are uniquely enhanced with a smart nano delivery system with time-controlled release.

    This not only delivers active ingredients deeper into the scalp to maximise efficacy but also provides all-day protection and nutrition.

  • Exossome MD

    Exsossome MD draws on the principle of biosignals, which play an important role in ensuring healthy body function.

    Biosignals are transmitted by extracellular vesicles in the body to ensure optimum metabolic processes. Improving intercellular communication can therefore boost hair and scalp health and revive follicles.

  • CellusomeMD

    Hair dye can make your hair die (yes, literally). So our scientists conceived and clinically tested this collection to not just rid odours and prolong colour, but most crucially, to soothe irritation and alleviate damage from chemical treatments galore.

    Cellusome MD features state of the art biotimulation technology to boost, preserve and protect your crown's natural colour and vitality.

  • Kezosome

    KezosomeMD contains anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that repair problematic scalps.

    It is formulated for scalps suffering from dandruff, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis.

    As all our formulas are drug-free, KezosomeMD contains a 5% Ketoconazole alternative and other advanced biologics.