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Ossome is a leading manufacturer of intelligent scientific formulations to reactivate hair growth. We are passionate about hair loss prevention, scalp detoxification and are committed to improving the lives of everyone with hair.

Studies by The Future Science Research Centre in Korea showed that pollution can lower levels of crucial proteins and damage chemical processes in the cells that promote hair growth. Pollutants such as smog and cigarette smoke can produce free radicals, which hasten DNA damage and worsen hair loss.

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Ossome is conceived for urbanites. As cities get increasingly crowded and pace of life accelerates, our environment becomes more polluted due to increasing emissions of toxic chemicals. Our time released formulas provide all-day protection against UV and environmental agressors.

Produced using clean technology, we are a climate conscious and ethical company that believes in creating cruelty free, vegan products that are free of toxic chemicals.

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Ossome products are made with natural and clinically proven biomimetic active ingredients that are gentle on the scalp and hair. Our system effectively cleanses and nourishes the scalp and hair to reactivate hair growth. It is also enhanced with a superior nanoliposomal delivery system to delivery our proprietary blend of exossome proteins and triple peptides.

Ossome haircare comes in 3 collections to cater to specific concerns. Exossome+ prevents premature hair loss and promotes overall scalp health. GreyShield restores natural hair colour and reverses premature greying. MoistureLock alleviates irritation and damage from chemical treatments.

Each range has been carefully curated to include shampoo, conditioner, scalp mask and hair tonic. It can be used everyday.

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Manufactured in Korea. Formulated by Ossome laboratories.